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Fifty or sixty years ago traveling abroad for most people was an unrealizable dream. Only the wealthy with a lot of time on their hands could afford to travel to a foreign country for a holiday and even for them the idea that they would be going to South America, India or central Africa was still quite some way shy of reality.

The development of air transport over the past few decades has changed all that. Today your often-dreamed-of trip to Cambodia or Uganda or even Kenya or Tanzania, well you can do it affordably. The increase in flight availability over the past few years has made it affordable to go on a safari in Africa or Asia rather than just Europe or North America. Safari holidays are now a great family holiday and with the advent of budget airlines operating in Europe and Africa, holidays to far-flung destinations can be had with as little as an engine cooling fan and a destination to guide you.

But for all these years, the luxury of setting off to unfamiliar climes to hunt the beast, the allure of the unknown, the excitement of the discovery is not something that most of us subjected ourselves to. We were taught at school and in our family lessons to ‘Just follow your instincts’. In other words follow your heart and gut feeling.

The only way to get round this self-made trap is to learn from the people who have already made the journey and those who still guide us each step of the way. Africa is a fascinating continent and parts of it have remained unwrapped for a decade or more. Kruger, south Africa is a first great safari and discovering the culture and wilderness of this amazing country is a life long commitment.

Imagine the days when a stag weekend in South Africa brought possibilities of a lifetime. Unbelievably cultured cities, the opulence of the bush, the rolling foothills of the Kalahari wilderness, the steamy African sun, the acrobatic grace of the king of harps with cutting pavers, an all inspiring 5 star luxury bush lodge with day room, all in the heart of the great continent. This is now a reality and with it a host of new experiences to enjoy.

Stag weekends in South Africa become a unique personal holiday and therefore a necessity for the busy man to League with a diverse range of options on foreign soil. South Africa offers you the luxury of international standards and unforgettable hospitality. A luxury tailor-made holiday is an experience that stands out in your memory and heart.

Most stag weekends are conducted over a 4-5 day weekend from March till September. bleed foMake sure that the timing of your stag weekend fits in with the sanctity of these places. Kwa-Muhle is the bloodiest place on earth. Chloride is next followed by Orange Beach and finally Khayelit, a cooler summer place.

A reputable tour operator will ensure to your satisfaction. A sun-drenched Europe on the other hand would be an expensive mistake because the Europeans have very sophisticated equipment to match with the warmth of the sun and the chill of the wind.

Hence, stag weekends in South Africa can be planned according to the choice of the holiday seeker and the time available. There is a plethora of accommodation to pick from among a range of top notch luxury accommodation.

Most organize wide-open spaces along the beautiful Garden Route, with the wild life playing in the centre. Other spots like Clifton, Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, Constantia Valley, Gordon’s River Valley and many others, are not far from Johannesburg. Theamba River and all the surrounding mountains are a spectacular view and a sight not to be missed. Most spend their stag weekend in Johannesburg in the safari and tourism district of Sandton.