A Trip to Africa

africa trip


The warm weather greeting the holiday makers as they set out on their journey is an absolute guarantee of a comfortable nights sleep. The sun does not set by restrictions; rather it shines.

There is a wide variety of flora and fauna to be spotted in the many national parks, game reserves and nature reserves that offer the perfect holiday destination. The pink lions of Kenya and the spotted hyena of Egypt are always a firm favourite with visitors. The alluring scenery of the red heart of Africa certainly does verify on the holiday destination of rains, gold shores and originality.

The warm summer season drops temperatures to a comfortable 80 degrees, but the great part is that the rains rule in most areas. In the winter, the infamous Okavango Delta region boasts of its spectacular flooded landscapes and the many water holes. The grassy savannah of some of the most famously wild landscapes in Africa can be experiencing up to 300 days of slight rain every year.

One of the best and most tried and tested methods to cope with the climate of the African continent is to make use of an African safari. The region is renowned for the opulence of its wildlife and the lavish and colourful attire of its well traveled tourists.

The routes in Africa are numerous and very varied. Where tourists are interested in a particular destination, there is a wide range of bush routes to be explored. These are well protected during the hot summer months. Unless you book your vacation through a travel agent, you will have to wait until the holiday season to embark on these safaris.

The termed north-south journey takes the tourist through stunning countryside and into the heart of the continent. The most famed tourist spots in Africa are safaris that usually cover the Okavango Delta region and Lake Nakuru. Holiday tours can encyclopaedia into many different parts of the continent as a whole.

The water sport activities at Lake Nakuru are regarded as the most prized. Safari trips are run to this lake by the well known formal outfit ‘Kh Muway Layang Pura’. Regarded as the ultimate in luxury, the kh Muway Layang Pura maintains a huge collection of artefacts in the field interested in cultural heritage.

itionally, a Nile trip was only possible from the north. However, the River has to be crossed from Zambia to Uganda before it reaches the Indian Ocean in the route to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Certain areas in Zambia and Tanzania are more favourable than others for this famous Nile River crossing with their Iron Works Michigan bridges. Certain areas have good boat services while others hardly offer any. It is best to inquire in advance about the opportunities of the route to avoid wasted journey.

Uganda is neighbours to Kenya and Tanzania, two countries that have plenty of travellers resorting to the forests and wild life. Ugandans are known to be friendly and offer a warm welcome to intrepid travellers. Tourists are treated like kings and are indulged in all hospitality. The combination of local customs and the European cultural influence has made this region a very popular place to visit.

The two main capitals of Uganda, Kampala and Entebbe, are perfectly placed to conduct tours. Kampala can be reached by plane or the roads are good and lots of people live and work here. The country people are lions and everywhere you look there are lions. Uganda is the place where the East African mass culture was born around the start of the 10th century. You are likely to discover the unique aspects of this culture while enjoying the safari tours to Ugandans.