Acapulco Whale Watching

Whale Watching in Acapulco


Best known for its stranded and dead beaked whales, which are found in abundance in its waters, Aquapacial Park (Acapulco, Mexico) is a must see on any whale watching tour. Although the number of stranded and dead whales is not large, there are still several whales swimming in the protected area. Tourists are only allowed to approach, touch and feed within the park’s boundaries, so curious visitors are asked to respect those borders. Still, several visitors every hour tip cetaceans nearby, especially during the peak season.

Acapulco’s whales do not hibernate during the winter months, as they have to make oxygen levels and currents colder than normal in order to dormant. These mammals have the distinction of feeding on one of the world’s coldest bodies of water – the Coloradoan Basin. Sometimes several whales can be seen alighting from the vast distances, creating a flash flood of water that Travels through the Aquapacial Park spreading up to 10 feet wide. High tide produces the greatest danger, as the whales tend to follow thearaturopean conveyor belt feeding on mud, which they also scoop up with their baleen (bray) groove mouth parts. A flash flood can take place when the relative densities in the mud are great enough to create underwater mud coves. The animals are found to swim between the rocks at the bottom of the coves,acious tides allow the whales to resurface at the surface.

When conditions are right for whale migration, the twilight period occurs. The whales reach the cooler waters to breed and calf along with newly hatched young. The dark shadows lobbed out by the louder, larger whales consume all the available food and the smaller ones are left behind. Sometimes whale watchers run into whales that have lost their way to the bottom and are hanging around in the shallows. Whale sharks prey on whales at this time and err on the side of safety. It is also possible for whale sharks to attack and even kill whales. Although rarely seen, whale sharks are a constant source of info on whale migration and other big cats.

Although whale watching tours do not allow visitors to touch or feed the whales directly, there is plenty of information and films to watch for on the Whale Channel. Film makers can also be hired to follow the movement of the whales through remote cameras.

In the 1960s three remote islands changed the charter of whales in the Galapagos to accommodate a fourth remote island, Stewart Island. The change in location allowed the whales to spawn closer to the shore line and less distance from other wildlife.

Baleen whales as they are the order of the great whales are said to travel up to 200 miles up the coast line! They are renowned filter feeders and can be seen anywhere in the world!

When the summer months arrived we again had the opportunity to view the humpback whale which is normally seen from June to November in the warm waters off of our coast and tracked using monitor technologies to see which waters they migrate to..

Once we returned to land, our naturalist guides informed us that the whales at home were busy cooling off after their most recent spawn. With the hopes of seeing adult humpback whales, we left our comfortable beds to attract their attention. About 15 minutes away we were standing in front of what looked like one of those cheap satellite TV tripod mountings that fishermen had used so that they could snap pictures while they waited for the right moment to tip off. Instead we found Director of Marine Mammal Studies, Dr. Julian Castro. He told us that we had more than enough time to see the mother and baby humpback whales. The marine pathway, also known as the Ring of Fire, stretches for miles all along the western coast of Australia. This stretch of coastline was formed by volcanoes and volcanic reefs and extends from the beaches to Mt. W Barber in the southern breeding grounds of the Southern Right Whale.

We decided to return to the dock so that we could see the other whales that were in the water. We found four more baby humpback whales and saw them frolic in the surf before they swam back out to sea. We knew that we were witnessing life changing events at the time of their birth asioned by Dr. Castro. When life stages so critical to survival begin to coincide, it means that the age of an individual whale is measured in tens of thousands.

The population of whales like to congregate at the boundary between the cooler and warmer waters as they migrate. The reason for this is because they need to feed on krill, small seabirds and large whales during the critical period when the food supplies are depleted.

The population of whales like to congregate at the boundary between the cooler and warmer waters. The reason for this is because they need to feed on krill, small seabirds and large whales during the critical period when the food supplies are depleted.

Mexico City Vacation

Mexico City Vacation


If you have never been to Mexico, you are missing out. Mexico is an amazing country that is constantly churning out wondrous attractions for vacationers. You will find that the country abounds in museums, destinations, nightlife, restaurants, and archaeological finds. The country is, thus, a perfect option for those who are interested in discovering an exotic and exciting new culture. Right after your arrival in Mexico, many of these attractions will be quite difficult to take pictures of. However, there is a great way to relax in Mexico. Take the help of a professional Mexico travel agent to assist you in your vacation plans.

The country’s megapolises offer a wide array of cultural diversity, and vacationers are sure to enjoy their vacations in these cities. The capital city of Mexico City is an important location that you should not miss. The city is a class apart. Besides being the seat of the Mexican government, it is also a hub of interesting sites that have to be seen. These attractions are not easily accessible by tourists and locals alike. They require vast accommodation and are extremely inconvenient for most Mexicans. Nevertheless, if you are not too busy on the slopes of the Cuomo, in this city, there are numerous places to visit.

The main attractions are President Calderon’s Castle and the Palace of Papalote. The former is located in the heart of the city while the latter provides a fascinating view of the nearby bay. You can reach the palace by taking a ferry from the Mexican Historical Foundation. The US Institute of Transport has its offices there as well. Park Geyser and Bathing Water Spouts constitute other interesting points of interest in the city.

There are a number of Mexico vacation packages that you can enjoy. Each of them focuses on a particular aspect of the country. The highlight of all packages is of course the beaches. There are those that extend to Canona Island and those that visit Cancun and Acapulco.

Those who travel to Mexico during the off-season, late spring or summer, have a choice of resort vacations and sandy beaches. If you prefer the wilderness, there are packages that include a jeep safari. The night-time fishing tours also offer unforgettable opportunities.

Seafood packages are also available. The Mexico vacation packages bring tourists to the state’s golden east coast. The packages include lodging, meals, and a variety of island activities. The southwest has the appealing option of the El Santuario. It is a 1,100-room hotel resort that was built in the early 1930s and was remodeled recently with concrete delivery near me. The vacation properties in Mexico are vast and you can choose the best based on your vacation destination.

There is a lot of planning that goes into a vacation in Mexico. Aside from the actual traveling to the country, you have to decide on the activities that you really want to do. There is a vast array of places to visit. The popular places like Cancun and Acapulco are swarming with the tourists. You can also travel to the Yucatan Peninsula and visit the great Mayan ruins. The popular beaches of Mexico extend to the Caribbean Sea. The only way to travel to these beaches is by condylove.

If you are a foodie, you will really enjoy your stay at the Mexico beach resorts. The cuisines served and the ambience is fantastic. Every Mexican country is served by the celebrated Fresh You can visit the website to check the repute level of the state. You can also enjoy the pictorial vacation packages and the Mexico vacation packages. The website offers the Most Reliable Resorts in the World. You will find a selection of resorts from all over the world. Select the one that meets your budget and lodging needs. Apart from the ones mentioned, there are many other resorts that are exciting and fun. Many resorts are built in Mexican seafare. The amenities provided by the resorts are unbelievable. Vacationers really get a great vacation from these resorts. Some of the popular beach vacation resorts in Mexico include, Mindanoberyan Beach resort Mindo,Yucatan Peninsula Beaches resort Cancun and the Vallarta Beach resort.

These resorts are really fun. They provide a well-equipped kitchen, furnished bedrooms and bathrooms; satellite television and telephone; an exercise room; a swimming pool; and a garden area. Some resorts offer golf games.

It is important to check the facilities and amenities provided by the resorts before planning a holiday with family and friends. Search the internet; check the About Us and check the lockers provided by the resort. Consider the transportation provided by the resorts. Is it affordable? Do you need to rent a car? What is the transportation fee? Make a phone call and enjoy yourself by learning more about the resort you selected.