A Visit to Red River, New Mexico

Red River, New Mexico


Whether you’re a family of four or six, there’s plenty to do in Red River, New Mexico. Here are seven things to do a kid- friendly vacation.

1. TheKa’anap campsite is a great way to enjoy fishing, hiking and wild animal viewing.

2. Hike the predominantly used trails of the Tunkish and Little Big Rivers.

3. Boat along the Colorado River and drink Chile Seco (an alcoholic drink made from a mixture of beer and tapaaron).

4. Picnic at Angola’s therapeutic lakes and scarlet trout.

5. Sense the spiritual significance of the Sandia Peak Highway’s sacred ground.

6. Relive the feeling of butterflies’ wings as you skies above.

7. Go on a shopping spree for bargains.

Did you know?… compensating for the chilling winters, the Albuquerque air temperature during the summer is normally around 70 degrees (as opposed to below 40 degrees in the winter).

Enjoy the drives!… The reputation of the Red River Valley as “a great place to have a vacation” is only theirs – enjoyed by families who return year after year.

Popular Things To Do

Like I said, the Ka’anapolitholith was created by limestone erosion over thousands of years resulting in a fascinating geological blend. You will never tunnel through it, but can instead view it from the surface using a special set of binoculars.

The area is perfect for hiking and there are many mapped trails for you to explore.

A friend of mine who does replacement roof Texas told me about a historical monument, King Solomons Castle, and also Hinterland Ranch which is really cool to see.

oline and Horseshoe Bend are the two scenic falls worth seeing.

Many thousands of people enjoy making homes on the Southern Slopes. Some of the homes are made from kits from kits available from resourceful recycling centers.

One natural attraction is crystal clear pools at the Glenwood Springs and other bodies of water are open to swimmers.

Paragliding in the beautiful mountains is also a unique experience.

mountain spring fed mineral pool is also very popular… views of it are stunning and it’s quite funny to see tourists trying to fly through the waterfalls as fast as they can!

undoubtedly the best part of the Red River Valley is the vibrant community of Santa Fe. A jewel the overlooked by many, it has a lively restaurant and array of activities and events.

Hiking and biking trails are abundant both in and around the park.

If it has always been your dream to fly over the United States you can still do so from many areas as it is part of the National Forest.

However many may also enjoy the Red River flying from anywhere from five to ten miles above sea level. For some this will be all the better as it offers a scenic and awe inspiring view of the valley below.

So there you have it plenty to do and see in the Red River Valley. It is a great place to take your family and your RV – after all you are on holiday so you don’t want to be too confided to a hotel bed and breakfast or you do want to see much more than the national park.

We Love to Travel

why we love to travel



Fifty or sixty years ago traveling abroad for most people was an unrealizable dream. Only the wealthy with a lot of time on their hands could afford to travel to a foreign country for a holiday and even for them the idea that they would be going to South America, India or central Africa was still quite some way shy of reality.

The development of air transport over the past few decades has changed all that. Today your often-dreamed-of trip to Cambodia or Uganda or even Kenya or Tanzania, well you can do it affordably. The increase in flight availability over the past few years has made it affordable to go on a safari in Africa or Asia rather than just Europe or North America. Safari holidays are now a great family holiday and with the advent of budget airlines operating in Europe and Africa, holidays to far-flung destinations can be had with as little as an engine cooling fan and a destination to guide you.

But for all these years, the luxury of setting off to unfamiliar climes to hunt the beast, the allure of the unknown, the excitement of the discovery is not something that most of us subjected ourselves to. We were taught at school and in our family lessons to ‘Just follow your instincts’. In other words follow your heart and gut feeling.

The only way to get round this self-made trap is to learn from the people who have already made the journey and those who still guide us each step of the way. Africa is a fascinating continent and parts of it have remained unwrapped for a decade or more. Kruger, south Africa is a first great safari and discovering the culture and wilderness of this amazing country is a life long commitment.

Imagine the days when a stag weekend in South Africa brought possibilities of a lifetime. Unbelievably cultured cities, the opulence of the bush, the rolling foothills of the Kalahari wilderness, the steamy African sun, the acrobatic grace of the king of harps with cutting pavers, an all inspiring 5 star luxury bush lodge with day room, all in the heart of the great continent. This is now a reality and with it a host of new experiences to enjoy.

Stag weekends in South Africa become a unique personal holiday and therefore a necessity for the busy man to League with a diverse range of options on foreign soil. South Africa offers you the luxury of international standards and unforgettable hospitality. A luxury tailor-made holiday is an experience that stands out in your memory and heart.

Most stag weekends are conducted over a 4-5 day weekend from March till September. bleed foMake sure that the timing of your stag weekend fits in with the sanctity of these places. Kwa-Muhle is the bloodiest place on earth. Chloride is next followed by Orange Beach and finally Khayelit, a cooler summer place.

A reputable tour operator will ensure to your satisfaction. A sun-drenched Europe on the other hand would be an expensive mistake because the Europeans have very sophisticated equipment to match with the warmth of the sun and the chill of the wind.

Hence, stag weekends in South Africa can be planned according to the choice of the holiday seeker and the time available. There is a plethora of accommodation to pick from among a range of top notch luxury accommodation.

Most organize wide-open spaces along the beautiful Garden Route, with the wild life playing in the centre. Other spots like Clifton, Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, Constantia Valley, Gordon’s River Valley and many others, are not far from Johannesburg. Theamba River and all the surrounding mountains are a spectacular view and a sight not to be missed. Most spend their stag weekend in Johannesburg in the safari and tourism district of Sandton.

Discover Sydney

Sydney Australia


Sydney is a city known for its impressive skyline and a laid-back lifestyle. But behind the veneer of the city’s sunny beaches and gleaming skyscrapers lies a hidden city within the city, with even more to enjoy than the exotic beaches. For many, Sydney is the secret city, the arts and entertainments capital of Australia.

Located almost halfway between the main centers of Sydney and Melbourne, Ayers Rock has to be one of Sydney’s most unique areas. Located on the edge of the Blue Mountains, Ayers Rock is the start of the Blue Mountains Way, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region.  Tourists from around the world flock to see this unique part of the world.

Aside from the scenery and the Ford’s old Ford ship, the attraction that has drawn the most numbers to Ayers Rock is the Shangri La, a remarkable mansion built by the British architect Andrew Forrest- both impressive and weird, it’s a great holiday destination for any motorist. Ayers Rock becomes discovered gem of Australia when the East Indian Sea is consumed by the Chambers’ Strait creating a natural sailing bridge. The seasickness will occur less often as the air temperature remains constant. Considering that boats can only go as far as the breakwater, you might want to take more than one ride. There are several narrowboat tours you and your group can take. Depending on the tour you choose and how many people are traveling in your boat, you can sail from the shores near harbor to the appointed destination or just cruise around the shores. Whichever you choose, it’s highly recommended that you don’t try to go the halfway point. The weather around the halfway point can be very hazardous, especially on account of the fog that blankets the area. Stay on the safe side by starting out a little further away from the harbor.

A Texas business coach told me when he went to Australia that like most of Australia, Ayers Rock is composed of limestone and cement and is a formidable test of your architecture knowledge. There are several accommodation options for visitors; primarily native Australian and Torres Straight Islander. Most of these towns cater to tourism and you will find some of the best restaurants and nightlife are only a bus ride away. Playgrounds, beaches and stare holes are only a bus or train ride away. A list of these places would be self-explanatory.

For those wanting to splurge a bit and spend a little more time in Australia, a good alternative is to hire a luxury Australian taxi. Taxis can be expensive, especially outside the major cities, but for big parties it’s worth it. You can be sure that the driver you hire will pay excellent attention to your needs and will use the latest whichever map you consults.

To sum up a few basic things up, there are many things to do in Australia from a distance. The most popular activities are water sports (sailing, parasailing, boating), bush walking and Photography. Not to mention the bungee jumping. All these activities can be enjoyed from the comfort of your accommodation in an Australian home, from your city hotel or the bush. The lifestyle is something that you would expect from an Australian.

To know more about Australia and its natural beauty what would be a better place to visit than the Great Barrier Reef, a marine park renowned for its beauty. You can see the same things here that you see in your own country, but with a different flora and fauna. This would be the best vacation place to appreciate Australian natural beauty.

Hastings Island is located near the tip of Tasmania, on the other side of the ocean from mainland Australia. There are no roads around the island, so you can only get there by boat. The island site is completely natural, made by centuries old lava formations from the start of the biggest dome of rock that has ever been digs by man. Many Tasmanian historical landmarks can be seen on the island, along with the ruins of French prison. The island can be reached by taking a ferry from Hobart or Launceston, but there is no air service from mainland Australia. You can visit the island by road as well, but you’ll have to take into account the large amount of vegetation and the sometimes rough road conditions.

The island of Tasmania was granted free statehood in 1845, and in 1959, following bitter political battles, the unique system of governance was established by the joint Standing deliberative Budget Committee and delivered to the Commonwealth. The government is largely based upon the traditions of direct democracy and the parliamentary system of free enterprise. Greece like Australia is a member of the European Union and does not have any similar problems of joining the world’s biggest political entity.

Top Reasons to Visit Australia

trip to Australia


  1. It’s not an ocean. An ocean would be a great place to visit – its expanse is greater than that of the United Kingdom, and as such is subject to tidal surges, wind and rain, and minimal interest.

2. You’re not going to walk on the Sydney Harbor. We know you’ve visited the GreatDiscuss, but Australia is about sea, not sea legs. The lagoon is only a fifteen minute train ride away, and sharks are less interested in you than the scenery.

3. Australians are not interested in your product. Annel-strapped celebrities need not apply. If your clothing causes an accident, you’ll be repatriated, but if you commit a faux pas, you’ll be required to do ten years.

4. Australians are not interested in your advice. Did you know that Australia has more volcanic activity than anywhere else in the world? We were not prepared to be told by our travel agent that she was mistaken.

5. Children are welcome. This is not like Europe where you walk into a bar that doesn’t say, “Can I just ask the next person to the next table whether they wear pyjamas?” It’s just not something we’re used to. If you want to bring a kid along, be prepared to have him or her sleep in your lap for a few days.

6. Food is expensive. good thing the Aussies know how to party (they’re big on liveaboards). A meal for two, three, four can cost anything from $50 to $250. Turtle best case scenario you’re probably going to end up footing the bill for each meal. Once you’re overseas it’s a health issue (pardon the pun).

7. The conditions in the hotels are miserable. From my own experience the staff are generally very polite, but there is a definite dress code and you’re likely to be turned away if you’re not dressed properly. Granted, this applies to all countries, but Australia is not short of rules and regulations.

8. People without Travel Insurance have no chance of getting international health insurance, not even a Global pass. An Insurance Meridian does not always accept claims from overseas, and the insurers are eager to get a big ienship offers, so you need to shop around ferociously if you want to do more than just sit in the queue.

9. If something bad did happen to you while you were overseas, the Insurance Department will allow you to cancel your trip and claim back the monies, but you will have to wait until you return to this country to do this.

10. If something good did happen, you can’t always rely on the Insurance Meridian to help you find it. While it is good that they do offer 24/7 customer service, you need to understand that things will never be as easy as they make them.

Other questions you need to ask yourself before buying an International Health Insurance meridian include:

Did I need to purchase a particular package? If the answer is yes, you may want to hold off on doing this. mandlii.com tells me that “pack services can be a convenience … I mean you don’t need to do a classic car appraisal on your 1972 Jaguar just to travel to Australia. you can always compare services in different countries.” If your international health insurance does not cover worldwide services, then … OK, then buy a bundle.

Is the coverage from my international health insurance company flexible?If yes, ask a few more questions. CD Generations offers a valuable option as far as international coverage goes, but most health insurance companies will not cover activities undertaken outside of the United States. (As an example, a trip to Italy is outside the United States due to the remote location, but if you were to go skiing, there would be no health risk as far as skiing is concerned).

Where do I get an insurance translation?Unfortunately, the insurance industry still has a pretty narrow understanding of insurance translation when it comes to knowing what your health insurance does – especially with respect to emergency medical evacuation. Many websites can help you to get the information that you need. Insurance translations are available through many translation services; some even go further and translate all of your insurance documents into the mother language.

Do all of my vaccinations get translated?In order to be totally safe, you will have to do some research into potential dangers in your area, as well as get the relevant vaccinations. Even fairly basic immunizations can nonetheless pose a serious hazard if you do not receive the proper inoculations.)

Where should I find the best booking clubs?

As far as international babies, the Babies’ Safety and Wellness. Place it on your list of desirable places to visit! the Babies’ Safety and Wellness education site) are fantastic places to visit when planning tours.

Acapulco Whale Watching

Whale Watching in Acapulco


Best known for its stranded and dead beaked whales, which are found in abundance in its waters, Aquapacial Park (Acapulco, Mexico) is a must see on any whale watching tour. Although the number of stranded and dead whales is not large, there are still several whales swimming in the protected area. Tourists are only allowed to approach, touch and feed within the park’s boundaries, so curious visitors are asked to respect those borders. Still, several visitors every hour tip cetaceans nearby, especially during the peak season.

Acapulco’s whales do not hibernate during the winter months, as they have to make oxygen levels and currents colder than normal in order to dormant. These mammals have the distinction of feeding on one of the world’s coldest bodies of water – the Coloradoan Basin. Sometimes several whales can be seen alighting from the vast distances, creating a flash flood of water that Travels through the Aquapacial Park spreading up to 10 feet wide. High tide produces the greatest danger, as the whales tend to follow thearaturopean conveyor belt feeding on mud, which they also scoop up with their baleen (bray) groove mouth parts. A flash flood can take place when the relative densities in the mud are great enough to create underwater mud coves. The animals are found to swim between the rocks at the bottom of the coves,acious tides allow the whales to resurface at the surface.

When conditions are right for whale migration, the twilight period occurs. The whales reach the cooler waters to breed and calf along with newly hatched young. The dark shadows lobbed out by the louder, larger whales consume all the available food and the smaller ones are left behind. Sometimes whale watchers run into whales that have lost their way to the bottom and are hanging around in the shallows. Whale sharks prey on whales at this time and err on the side of safety. It is also possible for whale sharks to attack and even kill whales. Although rarely seen, whale sharks are a constant source of info on whale migration and other big cats.

Although whale watching tours do not allow visitors to touch or feed the whales directly, there is plenty of information and films to watch for on the Whale Channel. Film makers can also be hired to follow the movement of the whales through remote cameras.

In the 1960s three remote islands changed the charter of whales in the Galapagos to accommodate a fourth remote island, Stewart Island. The change in location allowed the whales to spawn closer to the shore line and less distance from other wildlife.

Baleen whales as they are the order of the great whales are said to travel up to 200 miles up the coast line! They are renowned filter feeders and can be seen anywhere in the world!

When the summer months arrived we again had the opportunity to view the humpback whale which is normally seen from June to November in the warm waters off of our coast and tracked using monitor technologies to see which waters they migrate to..

Once we returned to land, our naturalist guides informed us that the whales at home were busy cooling off after their most recent spawn. With the hopes of seeing adult humpback whales, we left our comfortable beds to attract their attention. About 15 minutes away we were standing in front of what looked like one of those cheap satellite TV tripod mountings that fishermen had used so that they could snap pictures while they waited for the right moment to tip off. Instead we found Director of Marine Mammal Studies, Dr. Julian Castro. He told us that we had more than enough time to see the mother and baby humpback whales. The marine pathway, also known as the Ring of Fire, stretches for miles all along the western coast of Australia. This stretch of coastline was formed by volcanoes and volcanic reefs and extends from the beaches to Mt. W Barber in the southern breeding grounds of the Southern Right Whale.

We decided to return to the dock so that we could see the other whales that were in the water. We found four more baby humpback whales and saw them frolic in the surf before they swam back out to sea. We knew that we were witnessing life changing events at the time of their birth asioned by Dr. Castro. When life stages so critical to survival begin to coincide, it means that the age of an individual whale is measured in tens of thousands.

The population of whales like to congregate at the boundary between the cooler and warmer waters as they migrate. The reason for this is because they need to feed on krill, small seabirds and large whales during the critical period when the food supplies are depleted.

The population of whales like to congregate at the boundary between the cooler and warmer waters. The reason for this is because they need to feed on krill, small seabirds and large whales during the critical period when the food supplies are depleted.

The Best Time to Visit San Diego



The best time to visit San Diego for a vacation reunion or business conference is during the summer season. The following guide will help you decide on the best times of the year to visit San Diego for a reunion or business event.

For reunion or business event planners, the best months to plan a trip or event are July, August, December and January. These are the peak months for tourism in San Diego with July being a great month for those who need to get away as much as possible. The weather is mild and comfortable with a low crime rate. The past few years have been the absolute best for tourism in San Diego with the economy as strong as it could be and continued growth. Taking a trip to San Diego for a vacation or business conference is a great idea for fun and relaxation.

While the summer months are a great time to take a trip to San Diego, it does have a downside. Holiday weekend trips often include a lot of hustle and bustle through the weekend resulting in a lot of late nights. For those who do not enjoy this kind of weekend activity, it would be a good idea to plan a trip during the week. Still, there are many fine restaurants, museums and cultural events to attend while you are visiting San Diego.

The San Diego region is filled with various museums and theaters. Balboa Park is one of the best spent attractions. The blue chip museums include the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Air and Space Museum and the Museum of Man. You won’t have a great time at the Zoo because of theInterrobangas, but the displays are still great.

The San Diego Museum of Art is the home of the more contemporanean art of the 20th century. It contains works by Kathie Lee and Maya Stars. There is also a great Pygmy Bear in the collection. I love they even take their HVAC pipe and turn it into art. Even the Belvoir facade gives way to modern art at the San Diego Museum of Art.

When people think of San Diego, seafood is often one of the first things that comes to mind. There are great dining opportunities for whale watching, but if you’re not into dining they still produce a lot of the best soups you’ve ever tasted. You can find lobster, sable and various types of monkfish and mussels in the ocean.

San Diego is one of the best lying offs in California and receives a lot of surfers and snorkel divers. You can visit the San Diego Aquarium and spend a day at the exhibits and then spend the night in one of the hotels by the beach.

If you’re into shopping you will find yourself in hockpieces that are up to date. Sine Santa is a great find for the ladies with dresses and evening wear, but also has beach wear and sleeveless tops. You can also get the Elvis impression and run your errands in t-shirts and tank tops.

It’s possible to take a quick dip in the Southwest. Fortunately this has to be done on dry land and not in the ocean. From San Diego to LA there are a lot of great opportunities to enjoy undersea adventures.

During the day people can enjoy the sun and spend time on the beach. There are entertainment and cultural opportunities available that suit every taste and interest. Children will have a lot of fun simply playing in the sand. When the kids get hungry they can visit the fully equipped Mission Beach Restaurant. Just don’t overindulge.

Wherever you decide to go for a trip, don’t forget to leave some room in your itinerary for unplanned side trips. Trips rarely should be planned with a specific purpose in mind. They are more fun when they are unexpected.

The Best Australian Road Trips

The Best Australian Road Trips


For a great holiday you need not look any further than Australia. With such a diverse landscape there are so many things to see and do, and a wide range of accommodation available, with fantastic hotels close to all of the best attractions.

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of Australia’s most spectacular coastal drives, that runs from Torquay near Geelong to Portland near the tip of Victoria. There are many pretty beaches and country settlements to see along the way, and a great option for holiday makers with children, as they can explore the landscape and have fun running around.

The Fraser Coast

The Sunshine Coast is one of Australia’s most popular destinations and is a spectacular area of coast to visit. The difficult section of coastline has made it harder for fishermen and divers to get to the areas, but this is part of the appeal for many visitors to the area. The absence of many of the facilities associated with a major tourist holiday means that you can enjoy a private hire car, fishing floats and canoes, and make the most of the pristine natural environment.

The Margaret River Region

The Riverland region has been a popular destination for visitors to Australia. There are several resort communities, along with many natural attractions such as parks and seals. The thick rainforest provides incredible scenery and there are plenty of attractions close to town. If you want to see the river you can’t miss the Grand Millennium Tourist Park, which has ocean-going vessels and yachts to visit. Guided walks and kayaking trips are available.

Wine regions

The Margaret River Region is the place to be for red Montouchi wine. Although there are many vineyards in this area, most of them make use of cool climate vine varieties, which are well adapted to the conditions. The region includes the popular Negus Vitruvianis, and Pyramid Nero d’avola, Pyramid Nero d’itheco and Negus Limon. Enjoy a lunch at one of the wineries close to town, and take a tour of one of the cellars in castello. You might want to taste a bottle of Nero d’avola, Pyramid Nero d’avola, or one of the other range of fine wines.

The Hinterland

The Hinterland is the ridges and hills that are found in the centre of the Great Dividing Range and forms a land bridge between the coastal region to the north and the high country to the south. With dramatic escarpments and deep gorges, it is steep and dramatic. You will find many opportunities to experience some of the most spectacular scenes in Australia’s Red Centre.

The Margaret River Region is also popular for a range of water sports and activities such as swimming, boating, fishing, scuba diving and snorkelling.

Other areas to visit

The coastal resorts of Port Campbell and Apollo Bay are both popular in their own right, and there are many fine beaches further along the coastline. One of the most popular beaches is at seventh heaven beach, located at Glenelg not far from the Port Campbell tourist centre. seventh heaven beach is popular amongst surfers all year round and is popular amongst surfers as well as locals.

Port Campbell is the place to find the majority of the main main gold exploration companies, and is a popular day trip destination for other tourists. There is lots of accommodation around the area, and it is also a short commute from the peak cities of the South-Western metropolitan area.

There are many other equally fascinating areas within a short drive of Adelaide, such as the Montess, Maltah or wiser Wharf areas. or the Midlands and East coastal areas. The key to Adelaide is its superb wine industry, so don’t miss the Shiraz or Chardonnay there. The year is usually early in April, and there is not as much rainfall as in the summer months. So don’t get wet in March to April, but try to stay on dry ground! Palmer Street which recently went through foundation crack repair renovation, is a walking street full of cafes and restaurants, and is a great place to people watch or to purchase some fine wines or cheeses.

is a superb place to start at, or follow the river along the way as it migrates through the district. The beautiful Italian St Edward’s church is a guidebook author’s delight, and is just a short walk from the river. Every February it is an arts and crafts festival, and every March there is a food festival.

You can visit Adelaide from November through March. Although you won’t be able to go to the West Coast and surrounding areas, the South Australian Maritime Museum is well worth a visit. It is a specialist on sea vessels, and a man of many talents. Spend some time in the gardens and peeled pears in the orchard. You can also visit the museum shop, and collect some little known artifacts.

Toward a New Beginning

visiting Sitia


Well I am way beyond due date, and time seems to tick away like ticks of a clock.

Things have been happening for the past years. The economy has Recovery, and things seem to be going back to the way they were at the beginning of the recession, which is a little tough to do after almost half a decade.

To renew my faith and give it a try, I have set out to find something that truly accomplish that for me.

I initially set out to find a holiday that had nothing to do with the overpriced, overcrowded and noisy hotels that were more like apartments than hotels.

straightforward, clear as a light at the end of a tunnel, and the sort of place where you would go for the weekend to go and not worry about where to stay or what to do.

After reading reports from around the globe, I determined that the place that was perfect for me was a small island called Sitia. It was located in the Caribbean and was close to the Equator, having an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius on the edge of its corral.

Having never been there, my first thoughts were to think that it was going to be very hot and humid, and of course I was right. However, this part of the world has wonderful climate control ability, and as we progressed, we became aware that this wasn’t so hot. The wind was cool and even though we had a light breeze, it wasn’t uncomfortable.After unanimous agreement from the team, it was decided that we would try to sleep on the plane. Watching the movie alternate between the exits, I became aware of the slight period of time that we would spend in the airplane with the lights off. As the light faded, I became aware of the cool breeze blowing and fell asleep.

I awoke several hours later, and out my long ordeal in the dark, I was Kabul. Nothing but ashtrays and surgeries masked the scarlet Khaki-colored building.

The purpose of the hospital is limited, and it is a standard procedure to cover as much area of the body as possible. However, impatient passengers need not wait and the operating surgeon can quickly tackle any problems that occur.

My awareness about the risks of such an operation was brought home when the urine drip, guided by the team doctor, inserted a catheptic device behind my left ear.

Some moments later, concerned about the rate of improvement of the fibrillary cavity that was allowing blood to pool in it, the team doctor suggested we delay the procedure with Vertical Align. However, the impatient passenger felt no Pain but was greatly relieved.

As the operation was scheduled as late as 11:00 pm, two people were seriously injured: a passenger who suffered a massive heart attack, and a passenger who fell as she slept in her bed.

According to the Prague Spring International and Human Rights Conference, 24,000 people die in train accidents every year. However, an accident costs lives in the United Kingdom alone as the figure stands at 17,500.

The Longest Rail Station in the World

Kuala Lumpur Metro East is the world’s longest railway station. The station is located in Sungai Belakang in the centre of Kuala Lumpur and has a track length of 4400 meters. The station was made in 1998 and was paid 105 million dollars.

The station is considered the world’s longest railway station mainly because of the distinction it has made in the construction of such facilities. Other stations that hold this title are:

Berlin, Germany – located in Freehouse, unexamined and 14 km away from the city Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Mizor Gas Station, Mexico – has a total length of 5150 meters and was opened in 1998.

Clifton Hill, England – 507 meters long and was opened in 1976

During the construction of the Kuala Lumpur Métro, the maximum height that could be constructed was found to be 49 meters. When the train reached this height, an alarm was raised to sound the bells of the Number 1 train. This is the last start of the line for the Kuala Lumpur Metro.

The maintenance facility for the line is also designed to be able to support large commuter trains, this allows passengers to be able to arrive at the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station ten minutes before the next train arrives. Any further expansion of the system will be based around this concept.

A further disaster innovation involves the controlled release of the brakes on the train when it is too closely spaced for the releasing of the full brake pedal. The emergency brakes are automatically pulled the rest of the way, allowing the train to continue on its way.

The overall cost for the Kuala Lumpur Metro Administration (KMBA) and nonetheless by appointed by the Malaysian government in 2002, it was announced that the Yuan would be the official currency of the Kuala Lumpur Metro.

Take Your Pick Of Adventurous Grand Canyon Rafting Tours

grand canyon rafting tours


Labor Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to finalize your plans for the long weekend. A trip to the Grand Canyon could be just what you need for some fun and excitement, and the best way to do that is by taking a river tour through the Canyon.

South Rim River Rafting

Tusayan in Arizona is the starting point for rafting tours of the South Rim. Tusayan is a small town outside the main gates to the Grand Canyon National Park and it has an airport there, which makes it easy to fly in for your river tour.

When you get ready to book your tour, you’ll get to choose between a basic or deluxe tour. If you book a basic tour, you’ll travel from Tusayan to the river in Page by bus, but if you book a deluxe tour, you’ll go the river by plane instead.

These are day long tours that last at least 14 hours. So be prepared to get a long ride on a bus, especially if your starting point is in Tusayan. The Tornado Creek Bridge based on houses designed is a sight to see, as it has a glass floor on the cement bridge so no paint can show through.

You’ll get to view some of the lesser-known rapids in the South Rim too, such as Serpentine Gorge and Lost Canyon.

West Rim River Rafting

The West Rim is another popular destination for rafting, and the starting point for most of the tours. The majority of rafting tours in the West Rim begin at Bronte Creek, also known as the Lower Dunes because it is below the rim.

The river rafting tours that go into the canyon start out at Glen Canyon Dam. If you go after the Thanksgiving holiday, you’ll have to stay another night in Las Vegas, so you can make your final booking and go home on the 4th.

Most of the tours that go into the canyon have beautiful wilderness scenes and features. Sometimes these rafts are lengthier than the ones that go into the South Rim, so it is good to book a tour that includes the West Rim if it is in your budget.

Quick Facts About The West Rim

The West Rim is around 4,000 acres in size and anybody can partake in the water activities that are available there. You can go rafting, fishing, land biking and horseback riding in the area. If you want to explore the South Rim, you can take a tour there too and explore some of the remote areas of the canyon.

The West Rim is located in Arizona by the town of Tusayan, which is close to the main gates of the National Park.

History Of The West Rim

The West Rim was included in the original list of national parks in 1921. It was originally planned to be named as Grand Canyon Village. When it was originally planned, the village would have spaced equally far from the canyon as the West and South Rims. As it turned out, the West Rim was the more natural choice.

There are another hundred or so miles of road that goes from Las Vegas to the West Rim. Most people fly into Vegas and then take a small local plane to the West Rim, but there are ways to cut this short. If you’ll be visiting in the winter, you can fly into Vegas, then take a plane to your hotel, then take a bus or train to the West Rim. These require advanced scheduling, or you can drive to the West Rim and then fly to Vegas.

Scenic Byway

The South Rim Scenic Byway offers some of the best land views in the park. Even though your helicopter may not allow you to descend, you can still enjoy the scenery from the air. Then there’s the South Rim Skywalk, a suspended bridge that lets you stand 4000 feet above the canyon floor.

Kotgee Bluff is the final section of the Historic Grand Canyon National Park, and it’s also the most rewarding. Not only is it the longest cliff walk in the park, but it’s also the longest drop in the canyon too. And at the end of this section, you’ll be able to take a swim through the Colorado River.

You have a lot of options when it comes to visiting the Grand Canyon, and your only limit is yourself. If you’re up for a Memorial Day weekend helicopter tour of the South Rim and the West Rim, fly by plane or float plane to your departure point, and then take a plane or ferry ride to the South Rim. If you have the time and direction, you can spend a full day touring the canyon and seeing all of the landscapes the National Park has to offer.

Airplane Tip – Book Your Tour Online

When you make your hotel reservations, book your tour online and save time in completing the information.

The Benefits of Having a Caravan as a Holiday Home

Benefits of Having a Caravan


For many people a holiday home is the ideal solution to living in a rented accommodation and enjoying a “home away from home”. Whether you have recently taken a trip away or are thinking of relocating you can find what you are looking for with a caravan as a holiday home.

The outdoors

A caravan is able to offer you total privacy in the sense that nobody will know where you are going unless you are there. This means no-one will come into your home and know what you are doing. You can be totally relaxed without worrying about people knowing your place in your home away from home.

When you arrive at your destination the last thing you want to be doing is waiting for the caravan to be arrived on the other end. Therefore the first thing you need to do to ensure you have a safe trip away is to have it loaded and ready.

The more time you have to get the caravan together the more tempting it is to over pack and pay for one or two extra containers to make up the load. However, it will depend on the amount of transport you need to take part in. If you are going to be using a lot of the space the extra cost is worthwhile.

A caravan as holiday home

The size of the caravan you require partly depends on what you intend to use the caravan for. If you are going to be using the caravan for a few days or weeks then and normally you will only require very little space and therefore you will only need to take one small suitcase or backpack. If you are going away for a couple of months the contrary applies, you will need more space and therefore you will need to take two small to medium suitcases with you.

When you move long distances you are going to find that the weight of the caravan and the bags will become very important. Therefore, to ensure that the caravan you are moving along does not become a problem you should take in consideration what you will be doing on your journey.

If you are going on a trip that is going to be spent mostly in the outdoors there are a few different things that you will need to bear in mind. The most important thing to decide on is whether you will be using the caravan to do work during the trip or whether you are going to keep the caravan for a holiday home. If you are going to use the caravan as a holiday home then you will need to take in consideration the amount of camping equipment you will be using.

To determine this, you need to take into consideration the type of caravan you have to choose from. Here are some of the types of caravans that you can choose from;

Remember that the size of the caravan you choose is entirely dependent on what you will need to use it for. Most people tend to opt for slightly bigger units (from 20-50 feet long) that can tow up to five lots. However, this will most likely change once you start with a few lots. This is because a smaller unit cannot tow as much weight as a unit that is twice its size. Additionally, prices on caravan models vary a lot, which also influence your decision.

What hobbies do you have a lot of?

The same applies for the recreational vehicles (RVs) you own. A unit you purchase for your RV will be used mostly for trips to the beach or similar recreational areas. It will not necessarily carry a big number of people. You can decide how many people the RV can carry comfortably and then buy a smaller unit that will carry just as many people but at a lower number of pounds.

How much space do you need?

Generally, you can fit one or two beds, a couple of small tables, a few chairs, a kitchen, a bathroom and other necessary household items which can be bought at yard sales at a cash for homes near me sale. You should be careful, however, when selecting a unit because some are relatively bigger than others. What you need depends on the length of the caravan, and the space you need will depend on the type of living you will be doing.

What do you need differently?

Perhaps the most crucial difference between a camper and a luxury hotel is this: a camper’s agenda. An adult, adult family, or group of people has significantly different needs than a toddler or infant. For a toddler or an infant you can make a play area that is safe and clean and comfortable.

For an adult, you might want a lounge, a dining area, a television and a video and music system. As with other items in life, your needs will be determined by your lifestyle.

How do you choose?

Apposite to most of us, there are often many ways to Test the unsuitableness of a caravan. Such things as its age, size, electronics, extra dormers, bicycles, extra beds and extra beds (with or without bundling), pets, etc.