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Sydney is a city known for its impressive skyline and a laid-back lifestyle. But behind the veneer of the city’s sunny beaches and gleaming skyscrapers lies a hidden city within the city, with even more to enjoy than the exotic beaches. For many, Sydney is the secret city, the arts and entertainments capital of Australia.

Located almost halfway between the main centers of Sydney and Melbourne, Ayers Rock has to be one of Sydney’s most unique areas. Located on the edge of the Blue Mountains, Ayers Rock is the start of the Blue Mountains Way, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region.  Tourists from around the world flock to see this unique part of the world.

Aside from the scenery and the Ford’s old Ford ship, the attraction that has drawn the most numbers to Ayers Rock is the Shangri La, a remarkable mansion built by the British architect Andrew Forrest- both impressive and weird, it’s a great holiday destination for any motorist. Ayers Rock becomes discovered gem of Australia when the East Indian Sea is consumed by the Chambers’ Strait creating a natural sailing bridge. The seasickness will occur less often as the air temperature remains constant. Considering that boats can only go as far as the breakwater, you might want to take more than one ride. There are several narrowboat tours you and your group can take. Depending on the tour you choose and how many people are traveling in your boat, you can sail from the shores near harbor to the appointed destination or just cruise around the shores. Whichever you choose, it’s highly recommended that you don’t try to go the halfway point. The weather around the halfway point can be very hazardous, especially on account of the fog that blankets the area. Stay on the safe side by starting out a little further away from the harbor.

A Texas business coach told me when he went to Australia that like most of Australia, Ayers Rock is composed of limestone and cement and is a formidable test of your architecture knowledge. There are several accommodation options for visitors; primarily native Australian and Torres Straight Islander. Most of these towns cater to tourism and you will find some of the best restaurants and nightlife are only a bus ride away. Playgrounds, beaches and stare holes are only a bus or train ride away. A list of these places would be self-explanatory.

For those wanting to splurge a bit and spend a little more time in Australia, a good alternative is to hire a luxury Australian taxi. Taxis can be expensive, especially outside the major cities, but for big parties it’s worth it. You can be sure that the driver you hire will pay excellent attention to your needs and will use the latest whichever map you consults.

To sum up a few basic things up, there are many things to do in Australia from a distance. The most popular activities are water sports (sailing, parasailing, boating), bush walking and Photography. Not to mention the bungee jumping. All these activities can be enjoyed from the comfort of your accommodation in an Australian home, from your city hotel or the bush. The lifestyle is something that you would expect from an Australian.

To know more about Australia and its natural beauty what would be a better place to visit than the Great Barrier Reef, a marine park renowned for its beauty. You can see the same things here that you see in your own country, but with a different flora and fauna. This would be the best vacation place to appreciate Australian natural beauty.

Hastings Island is located near the tip of Tasmania, on the other side of the ocean from mainland Australia. There are no roads around the island, so you can only get there by boat. The island site is completely natural, made by centuries old lava formations from the start of the biggest dome of rock that has ever been digs by man. Many Tasmanian historical landmarks can be seen on the island, along with the ruins of French prison. The island can be reached by taking a ferry from Hobart or Launceston, but there is no air service from mainland Australia. You can visit the island by road as well, but you’ll have to take into account the large amount of vegetation and the sometimes rough road conditions.

The island of Tasmania was granted free statehood in 1845, and in 1959, following bitter political battles, the unique system of governance was established by the joint Standing deliberative Budget Committee and delivered to the Commonwealth. The government is largely based upon the traditions of direct democracy and the parliamentary system of free enterprise. Greece like Australia is a member of the European Union and does not have any similar problems of joining the world’s biggest political entity.